Our Selection of Cocktails (8.90 €)   


White Rum, Curaçao, Lemon Juice, Sugar, (10 Cl approximately)

Bahia Cocktail

            Dry Sherry, Dry Vermouth, Pastis, Bitter Orange, (8 Cl approximately)

Black Russian

Vodka, Coffee Liquor, (10 Cl approximately)

Blue Tango

Blue Curaçao, Dry Sparkling Wine, (8 Cl approximately)


Cachaça, Brown Sugar, Lime, (8 Cl approximately)

Chirp of Harem

Red Wine, Lemon Sorbet, Ice Tea, (12 Cl approximately)

Flying Dutchman

Gin, Lemon Juice, Grenadine, Fizzy Water, (12 Cl approximately)


Cognac, Tangerine Liquor, Sugar Syrup, Coffee, Dairy Cream, (12 Cl approximately)


Cherry Liqueur or Apricot Brandy, White Rum, Brown Rum, Lemon Juice, Orange Juice or Pineapple Juice, Grenadine,  (20 Cl approximately)


All our Cocktails cost 8.90each, service and taxes included,and cannot
be served  if you don't eat, (License Restaurant)

Association Loi 1901

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